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How to infuse your booze!

Who loves craft cocktails?

We believe that the best cocktails start with the best ingredients, like our freshly dried fruits that go in our infusion kits. Clean. Responsibly sourced.  Our dried fruit cocktail infusion kits are vibrant with delicious dried fruits from Florida. Simply pour your booze of choice into the jar of fruits. Let it sit for about 48 hours. Shake and pour! These are carefully curated recipe blends. We use quality ingredients to make great drinks at home! You just supply the booze! We suggest which booze goes best with each infusion.  Each jar comes with easy instructions. No chemicals. No food coloring. Just great flavors. One infusion is meant to be infused in booze & then added to mixers. One jar makes 8 to 16 cocktails. They can be purchased on our SHOP page.  We also sell these wholesale, go to our CONTACT page. 

We have a $5 off coupon code for infusion jars! Type in INFUSEBOOZE at checkout!

      4 Craft Cocktail Infusion Kits:

  • Blueberry Lavender Lemonade Fizz

  • Honeysuckle Orange Pineapple

  • Old Fashioned 

  • Chocolate Espresso Cocktail

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