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Who can say no to delicious coffee? We have 10 popular flavors

1 double shot = 2 regular mugs or 1 large mug.


Mocha Latte-  A perfect balance of coffee and creamy sweet chocolate

White Chocolate Espresso- Delicious coffee meets smooth white chocolate

Caramel Latte- Rich and creamy caramel blended with milk and coffee

Irish Cream- rich and creamy

Pumpkin spice latte- beautiful velvety and creamy drink that packs a good punch of caffeine along with it's warming pumpkin spice flavors

Blend into milk, or coconut milk, serve over ice. Or add to coffee or your favorite tea

Pumpkin Pie White Chocolate - decadent, sweet and creamy

Cookies and Cream- like the Oreo cookies we love

Chocolate Peanut Butter-like Reeces

Hot Chocolate- a classic


Add shot to a mug of coffee! Each shot has instructions!

SALE: Shots of Coffee/Dessert Mixes- 10 flavors

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